An Archive of Innovators Building a Better Future

Emerging technologies continuously shape popular culture and everyday life, but information about those technologies is not approachable to most of the population. If large portions of our global population are unaware of and disinterested in the direction technology develops, they have no voice in future culture, economy, or public health. Clever Tech Digest interviews explore new perspectives on gender, sexuality, health, sustainability, and more through the lens of technology.

This research-based, design journal strives to connect the public and fashion industry to the innovators of creative technologies. We believe that by making information about innovative new technologies available to diverse populations, we can empower us all to be active participants in shaping our culture, our space, and our future. 

We are transforming our primary research publication into a physical volume of curated art and interview excerpts. Clever Tech Digest Volume 1 will spark liberal arts conversations about emerging technologies in mainstream society. Clever Tech Digest translates original research on wearable, genetic, interactive, media, and health technologies into a colorful, visual narrative. The physical publication will present aspirational role models for women and minorities interested in working with emerging technologies. 


Founder Ray Fontaine

Founder Ray Fontaine